Weddings and Wedding ReceptionsAs an established Wedding Planner and Professional Master of Ceremonies, our main objective is to turn each wedding into a major event that will be remembered for life, not just for the bride and groom, but for both sets of families, the bridal party, friends, and all guests. You can hire us to plan the entire wedding for you or you can book Ewan Denny to be your MC at the Reception. Either way, we guarantee you a full and professional service that will add a touch of class to your big day!

We will manage everything for you so that you do not have to worry about what is happening at any stage, who is doing what, what comes next on the programme, are we keeping to time, are the guests happy, have we forgotten anything, is everyone where they are supposed to be, etc etc. This will free your mind to concentrate on being “the stars of the show” and to take in the joys of the occasion.
We will also coordinate the work of the photographer and video team, the bar staff, caterer, DJ / band, the Ushers, the venue staff and anyone else involved on the day so that everything works smoothly and according to plan.

Weddings can be wonderful things but they can also be very stressful if they don’t come out as planned. This is why couples hire us. They know that we have the expertise and planning skills, and they also know that we have the knowledge and experience of anticipating and handling this correctly if things go wrong.

If you hire us for your wedding,
we will do the following things for you:

  • We will discuss with you well in advance, your plans for the wedding and we will advise on tradition, wedding etiquette and custom but will keen to fulfil your specific requirements and wishes.
  • We will plan the whole programme and the running order, ensuring that everything runs smoothly and according to time. This allows you to relaxe and to enjoy your big day.
  • We will make sure that your wedding is effectively coordinated and professionally conducted from start to finish, using charm, expertise and discretion with everyone.
  • We will liaise and coordinate with all the main people associated with the wedding and the Reception i.e. both sides of the family, the Bride and Groom, Best Man, Chief Bridesmaid, the Registrar or officiating Minister, the Choir / band or DJ, the photographer, video team, Ushers, and all the staff at the venue.
  • We will arrive on the day early for a thorough check of all the arrangements on your behalf.
  • We will meet and greet your guests and make sure that they feel comfortable and are able to enjoy the wedding.
  • We will work in the background to discretely find solutions to any minor problems that may arise and to deal with them swiftly.
  • We will assist with the ordering of the photographs to make sure that all the right people are in place for the photos and that we keep to time and not over run.
  • We will meet and greet the Bride and Groom at the venue
  • We will organise the receiving line and announce guests
  • We will ensure that all special requests and arrangements are in place
  • We will announce and lead in the Top Table
  • We will announce the Bride and Bridegroom and escort them to their places on the Top Table
  • We will announce Grace
  • We will announce the meals
  • We will announce and oversee the cutting of the cake
  • We will conduct the Toast, introduce the Speakers and assist with the presents and flowers if required
  • We will ensure the circulation and completion of the Guest Book
  • We will keep a watchful eye and deal discretely with any matters that may require attention.
  • We will announce and arrange the retiring of the Bride and Bridegroom from the Top Table. Ensure that guests are aware of the arrangements that follow.
  • We will liaise with caterers and musicians to ensure that equipment is set up and dance floor cleared.
  • We will announce the Bride and Bridegroom are taking the floor for the first dance.

With weddings and other important events, you only have one chance to get it right. You don’t have the luxury of trial and error and getting things wrong can be very costly as well as hugely embarrassing.

If you hire Ewan Denny as a professional Toastmaster and Master of Ceremonies, you will substantially reduce the risk of anything going wrong, and where minor hitches occur, you will have someone who has seen it all before and who can calmly and tactfully deal with and resolve the problem. This takes away the stress and the anxiety from you and frees you up to enjoy what should be the best day of your life.


We have our own film studios and can send our camera crew to film your entire wedding day. We will then edit it down to a one hour movie with credits, music and graphics. This will enable you to have a professionally produced mini movie on DVD that will bring you a life time of pleasure. You will be able to email it to all your friends and family as well, which they will love, and post it on Facebook or other social media if you wish. Contact us for more information.


The Video Guestbook Kiosk is available for hire and is a fun and entertaining way to put your guests in the spotlight. Capture their thoughts, jokes, congratulations, best wishes etc live throughout the wedding Reception by inviting them to simply touch the screen to add their video messages to your video guestbook. We will personalise the kiosk for you with your photo, name of the bride and groom, and the date.  After the event, we provide access to a secure online gallery of all your video clips, as well as a personalised DVD in HD quality with all the recorded messages!  For further information or to book the video guestbook kiosk, please contact Ewan on 07576 922 646 or send an email to