With the difficulties in the economy and increasing unemployment amongst school and college leavers, parents have a right to worry about their children's future. Will they get a job when they leave school? What will happen to them? What will be their future?

To address this problem, Ewan Denny Marketing has established a Career Mentors Programme that helps students to significantly improve their job and career prospects. The programme consists of over 500 Chief Executives, Company Directors, Business Leaders and a wide range of professionals and senior managers from all sections of the economy, who have signed up to this programme as Careers Mentors, in order to offer their vast knowledge, experience, and expertise to students.

These very successful and high achieving individuals works with, and helps students to achieve their best possible grades in their exams and also help them to get into jobs and professions in a better, more strategic, and quicker way, than would be possible otherwise. They are in a position to open doors for them, to arrange for them to visit their places of work for a day and see what goes on, as well as getting them to do some of the work themselves to get a better feel for that occupation.

They will also arrange work experience where possible, and advise on what skills and competences are required for that occupation. In short, they are there to help students to make the right career choice and then to help them to get into it at a much faster rate than they can accomplish themselves. They will literally give them a helping hand up the ladder of employment.

If you would like to get onto this Programme and have a Careers Mentor, please contact Ewan Denny on 07576 922 646 or send an email to info@ewandenny.com