Ewan Denny - Professional Squash Coach

Do you want to get fit, and stay fit, as part of a new healthy lifestyle? Then squash is the answer. Squash is a total body workout that burns 1034 calories per hour, much more than tennis, football, basketball, running, ridinga bike and other forms of exercise.

Squash is good for your heart. It reduces the risk of heart disease by strengthening the heart muscles and preventing blood vessels from becoming clogged.

Squash increases strength and fitness and it will help you strengthen and tone the muscles in your legs, arms, back, stomach, and buttocks, while the cardio involved in a game will mean that your joints and ligaments are able to stretch, thus promoting elasticity and blood flow in the body.

Ewan Denny - Professional Squash Coach

Learn the game today with Squash Coach Ewan Denny, or for experienced players, vastly improve your skills using his “Precision Squash System” and see your game soar!

Ewan Denny - Professional Squash Coach

Coaching Sessions Available

Coaching sessions and training courses for beginners and experienced players are available now with Ewan Denny, the Inventor of the “Precision Squash System.”

The “Precision Squash System” is a philosophy and way of playing that is guaranteed to improve your game. It focuses on proper technique, shot making, tactics, court strategy, movement, mental strength, and competitive play. And it is equally effective with beginners and experienced players, as well as adults and juniors.

So whether you play for fun and general health benefits, or you want to play competitively, or just for bragging rights, the “Precision Squash System” is for you!

Ewan coaches on a one to one level and he also does group sessions and training courses. He caters for all standards of players, at all fitness levels, and he prides himself in making a squash player out of every person that he trains and coaches.

Ewan Denny - Professional Squash CoachEwan Denny - Professional Squash Coach


For coaching sessions contact Ewan Denny
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Who is the coaching for?

Coaching is for anyone who would like to learn the game and also experienced players who are seeking to improve. It is suitable for both adults and juniors, male and female, and it is perfect for anyone wishing to lose weight.

Where does the coaching take place?

Coaching sessions are normally held at The Northwood Club in Hillingdon, Harrow Leisure Centre in Harrow, or Vale Farm Sports Centre in Brent, but they can also take place at any Club or sports facility in London or the surrounding areas, whatever is more convenient for you.

Describe the coaching programme?

There are 4 options available:

An “Introduction To Squash” Taster Course (45 mins)

Coaching sessions (45 mins to 1 hour, depending on location)

A 1, 3, 6, and 12 month training course, consisting of one, two, or three sessions per week

A one year Player Development Programme

All sessions are taught using the “Precision Squash System” created by Ewan Denny. Each session is tailored to meet the needs, availability, and lifestyle of each individual.

Ewan coaches on a one to one level and he also does group sessions and training courses. He caters for all standards of players, at all fitness levels, and he prides himself in making a squash player out of every person that he trains and coaches.

You can book Ewan for one or more sessions, or you can take a training course with him for a longer period.

The Player Development Programme

The Player Development Programme has been created specifically for people who have played squash before but who now want to master the skills and techniques of the game in order to become a complete player.

This year long Programme will teach you:

113 separate squash skills and techniques

All the shots in squash, and how and when to play them

Match strategy and tactics against different styles of players

How to control the T and continuously apply pressure on your opponent

How to dig the ball out of the back corners

The Programme is designed to equip you with all the tools necessary, both physical and mental, for you to become an all-round talented player. Key to its success is the personalised training that is developed specifically for you, so that you can get the very best out of yourself.

Time commitment?

Length of session?

When are the sessions run?

It is recommended that you commit to two sessions per week in order to get your fitness levels up and to learn and develop your skills.

A single session is for 45 minutes and a double session is 1½ hours.

All lessons are booked according to your own schedule. This means that it can be mornings, afternoons, or evenings, 7 days per week – all depending on your work and family commitments. And it can change from week to week according to your shift patterns and other things.

How are assessments made?

A professional assessment will be made of you at the start of the course and this will determine how your personalised training programme is put together. After this, you will be assessed on an on-going basis with objective feedback given to you on a regular basis, as we chart your progress.

If you are doing the one year course, a full assessment will be made of you every 3 months where you will be judged against 113 separate squash playing criteria, in the same way as a car would get an MOT.

What do the coaching sessions cover?

What will I learn?

Will I be playing matches also?

Proper technique – doing the basics right

How to play the game properly

Racquet skills and shot making

Tactics and positional play

Court awareness and strategy

Footwork and movement

Attack and defensive skills

Speed work, court coverage, and endurance

Finding your A game and developing it


Match play – how to prepare like a Pro

How to read and anticipate your opponent

Delay and deception skills

Mental strength and focus

Removing bad habits

As part of the training programme, friendly competitive matches will be organised for you so that we can test your improvements and progress in real time match play.

Your performance will be analysed / evaluated, and comprehensive feedback, both positive and negative, will be given to you at the end of each match. What we learn from this will influence what we focus on and the next steps in your training and development. Everything is tailored to develop you as a squash player and to improve your game!

When do the courses start?

Courses can start any time – whenever you are ready. A specific training programme will be tailored to you personally, and your style of play. The days of the week and the times of all the sessions will be agreed but they can vary

each week according to your working patterns, family commitments etc.

What is the cost?

£20 per session of 45 minutes.

Payments can be made weekly or monthly by cash or direct debit

What will I get at the end of the course?

You will get the satisfaction of knowing that you have vastly improved your ability to play the game. You will be fitter and you will be more skilful, and ready to play at a good level, either for fun and recreation, or for competition.

What happens after the course?

Hopefully you will want to continue to develop your skills and improve your game further. You can join squash leagues and play team squash. You can also enter tournaments. Or you can simply continue to play for fun, enjoyment, fitness, and a healthier lifestyle. Ewan Denny will advise you on the options available when you have finished the course.

How do I enrol?

Simply call Ewan Denny or send him an email today to book a session.