The Role Models Programme was founded by Ewan Denny out of his desire to motivate and inspire the youth of today to aim high and be the best that they can be. Having been in education, firstly as the Chair of Governors at a high school in London for six years, and also as Head of Marketing and Communications for six colleges spanning seventeen years, Ewan is highly conscious of the lack of visible, credible, and positive role models in the lives of young people, in particular young black boys.

Operated and managed by his own marketing consultancy practice, The Role Models Programme seeks to work with schools and colleges throughout the UK and present to them a wide variety of talented and successful role models from all walks of life, who are able and willing to come in and speak to their students in a motivational and inspiring manner, and to answer their questions.

These people include doctors, nurses, lawyers, dentists, businessmen and women, accountants, bankers, journalists, owners of shops and restaurants, mechanics, managers from hotels, local and central government officers, television and radio senior staff, marketing and media etc, and they, between them, cover virtually all sectors of the economy.

Many of them are Chief Executives, Managing Directors, business owners and accomplished professionals from all sections of society, and the majority are drawn from ethnic minority groups themselves, and therefore can speak credibly about how they have overcome obstacles in life, and tell their story about how they have reached where they are in their lives and careers. The whole session lasts normally one to one and a half hours.

We believe that our work helps to raise the educational attainment of young people by inspiring them to use their energies in a positive and constructive manner, to value their education, and to resist the temptations of gang culture and negative influences that are all too readily around them.

An inspired and motivated student body will produce better behaved students, better exam results, and a better reputation for your institution!

For more information or to discuss bringing this Role Models Programme to your school or college, please contact Ewan Denny on 07576 922 646 or send an email to