Welcome to The Ewan Denny Show, a brand new television chat show - but with a difference.

Season One starts on Good News Television at 7.30pm on Tuesday 6th February 2018, and we have a packed line up of guests who are high achievers and successful people in their own right.  Some of them are famous and some of them are not, but what they all have in common is that they each started with nothing, but rose to the top of their profession or career, and have become examples and role models to the rest of us.  They have shown what hard work and determination can do.

None of our guests will have been born with a silver spoon in their mouths.  None of them will have inherited a vast fortune.  We respect those types of people but they will not appear on this show.  The Ewan Denny Show is about ordinary people doing extraordinary things.  We will chart their path to success and they will tell us how they did it so that we can learn from their example.

If they, being ordinary people like you and I, can do it, then if we develop the same mind-set and do the same type of things as they did, they we too can become successful.

The Show’s Producer and Host, Ewan Denny, says ““Very often we see famous people on television or in the movies and we admire them but we don't ever get the chance to find out how they became famous. How did they achieve what they have achieved? What obstacles or challenges did they have to overcome to get where they are? Well my show will get into all that and more.

On other chat shows the celebrities just talk about their latest album or movie coming out, but with me, they will talk about their careers and what they had to do to rise to the top. And it's not just celebrities. We will have successful people from all walks of life, from business, politics, sports, religion, law, education, the arts and entertainment industry, and so on, and they will share with us their journey and exactly how they made it.  And in the process, we will learn the secrets their success.  My show will not only be informative and entertaining, but educational too.”

You can watch the Ewan Denny Show on Good News TV and also Tropical FM TV.  Click here to watch the shows now http://tropicalfm.net/shows/the-ewan-denny-show/ and on this website.