We are christian marketing and communications specialists and we have dedicated ourselves to applying powerful marketing techniques within the context and guidelines of the scriptures, to present Jesus Christ to the world as Lord and Saviour, and to help fellow christians and churches everywhere to do the same.

We have developed a range of specialist marketing services for churches in order to help them to raise their community profiles, promote their ministries, and to present themselves more effectively to the world at large in the preaching of the Gospel.

Our services include:

  • We can develop a marketing strategy to raise the image and profile of your church in the local community, and also regionally or nationally.
  • We can write, design and produce your church literature (ie posters, brochures, reports, stationery etc) so that they look professional and present a good image for your church.
  • We can offer you ideas on effective evangelistic strategies
  • We can design and build your website or improve your existing one
  • We can produce a CD for your church as a means of raising finance and promoting your ministry
  • We can provide income generating ideas to raise finance
  • We can organise all your events such as church retreats, conferences, seminars etc
  • We can write your Business Plan or help with business planning for the church

We can run seminars and courses for your members on business start-ups or marketing. We are also professional Business Coaches and we give advice and guidance to anyone who desires to run their own businesses.

Call us today on 07576 922 646 to have a chat about how we can help you or send us an email using info@ewandenny.com