Rhema Bible School


To teach the undiluted and original truth of the Word of God according to the teachings of Jesus Christ, His Apostles and the prophets, and to prepare believers to be ready for the Second Coming of our Lord Jesus Christ.

We are instructed in scripture to study the Bible to show ourselves approved unto God, so that we can become skilled workmen and Ambassadors for Christ, who understand the Word and know how to defend our Faith.  These courses are designed to give you the knowledge and the tools to do just that!

Each course lasts one academic year and they are designed to boost your knowledge of God’s Word substantially and help prepare you for leadership roles in the church, if that is your desire.  
The courses can either be taken in our on-line classroom or as a correspondence course, which means that all the course materials and lessons will be sent to you in the mail, and you can study the lessons in the comfort of your home.

Our courses