Rhema Bible School


To teach the undiluted and original truth of the Word of God according to the teachings of Jesus Christ, His Apostles and the prophets, and to prepare believers to be ready for the Second Coming of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Rhema Bible School

The Rhema Bible School was established by Ewan Denny Ministries, a Christian ministry based in the UK, that is dedicated to the teaching and training of believers and church leaders around the world, in the truth of God’s Word, and preparing them for living an overcoming life as an Ambassador for Christ, and fulfilling their ministerial call.

The whole philosophy and concept of the Ministry is to teach the Bible in a clear and direct way that not only imparts truth and the correct understanding of the Word of God, but which also motivates and inspires the believer to be serious about its application in their own personal lives.

The training programmes are delivered in an on-line classroom or as a correspondence course, and they will take you on an exciting journey through the entire Bible. They will cover all the major topics and themes, the stories, the facts, the history etc, and behind it all, what the Holy Spirit was actually saying through the various writers. If you are serious about knowing more about the Bible and want to find out its truths and how to please God, then this training programme is for you.

There are two levels. The first is a General Certificate Programme which will give you an overview of the Bible and lay a solid foundation for you in the Word of God, and the other is a more Advanced Programme which takes you to deeper levels in the scriptures. The latter builds upon the former, and expands your knowledge and depth in the Word.

The Pastors and Church Leaders Programme is a unique and specific training programme that is designed to equip both aspiring and experienced leaders in building, leading, and managing a successful church. If leaders are to do this well, and avoid common, yet potentially disastrous mistakes that will adversely affect their ministries, they need to be trained well and given the right tools to do so. And then rely on the Holy Spirit for leading and guidance. This combination of being trained well and being led by the Spirit is a winning formula that Rhema Bible School believes in and teaches.

About Ewan Denny

Ewan Denny is the Director of Rhema Bible School. He is an accomplished public Speaker, Author, Bible Teacher and Trainer. He has been instrumental in the setting up and running of several Bible Schools and he loves to teach the scriptures formally in Bible classes as well as preach and run training courses. He has preached and taught in the UK, Africa and the Caribbean.

Ewan has been on television and radio all over the world and is known for his passion in serving the Lord.  He teaches with clarity and with Holy Ghost anointing and the Lord has used him to minister truth to His people.

By profession, Ewan is a business and marketing expert and runs his own consultancy firm in London, England. His passion, however, is to use his expertise and professional skills for the benefit and advantage of the Kingdom of God. He helps Pastors and churches around the world with the marketing and promotion of their ministries so that they can raise their profiles, increase awareness of their churches, and grow in membership.