Many Christians say that they want to receive more from the Lord – more blessings, more capacity, more spiritual gifts etc, and this is great.  A desire for more of God is a good thing.  And you can see them in prayer really asking the Lord for more.  They are serious.  They mean it.

However, I do ask myself why the Lord would ever want to give them any more than they have if they are not even using what He has already given them?  You want more when you are not handling less?

I have been saying for years that we need to be organised and structured in our labour for the Lord.  We don’t regularly turn up for meetings late.  We don’t say that we will do things and then not do them.  We do not come back with excuses about how busy we are.

How on earth can the Lord give us more when we are disorganised?  I believe that you must be organised in order for God to expand and increase you.  You have to make room and capacity to receive the increase that you desire.  The best preparation for good work tomorrow is to do good work today!

The parable of the talents shows us that the Lord knows each of us intimately, and how we will handle the gifts that He has given to us.  He knows who among us can handle only one talent, and who can handle two or five.  According to our different abilities, He has given us gifts and talents that we must use for His glory.  If we make full use of our talents and produce an increase, then He can give us more.

So instead of asking the Lord for more and more things, ask Him for his grace to really make use of all the talents that He has already given you.  When you are bringing forth a sizeable increase on what you have, start to expand because the Lord will see that you are ready to receive more.

Receiving more also means that you will get more challenges, harder challenges, and you must increase in your personal relationship and intimacy with the Lord at the same time as you are exercising your additional talents.  In fact, the better we know God, the better we will know ourselves!

And when you are having success and people are really appreciating the blessing that you are, you have to remember to increase in your level of humility.  Receiving more from the Lord automatically puts a responsibility on you to walk in faith and humility. 

If your character is not increased alongside your gifts, you will begin to feel pride and a sense of achievement and this will detract from giving glory to God.  You will see your abilities and skills and you will happily accept the compliments of people and start to believe that it is all about you.  This spells danger. 

So the next time that you are asking God for more, think about it.  More of what?  To do what?  Why? And make sure that it is all about Jesus and not your personal ambition or need for fame.