Loving on the edgeThe long awaited sequel to “Loving on the Edge – the story of forbidden love in the church” is in the pipeline.  Work has already started on it and it should be ready to go to print in the New Year.  Again set in Manchester, England, ten years has elapsed since the story ended and yet again we are in for a roller coaster of a ride as the church and its members go through some major difficulties and drama.

The new book deals with issues and challenges that beset the Christian church in the 21st century and it takes an honest and thought-provoking look at how things are often handled and dealt with in churches.  The book is full of laughter, tears, warfare, rebellions, and soap opera style events that are typical of many churches, and this enables the reader to readily identify with the characters and the story lines. 

Christians who read the first book commented that they knew people in their assemblies that were just like one or more of the characters in the book, whilst others said that their churches went through the same dramatic events as were portrayed in the book.  The same will be true of the sequel.

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